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Makeup Concept PRIMIENCE hair color was developed by SHISEIDO's makeup and hair artists based on a concept borrowed from cosmetics. Just as makeup softens the appearance and makes use of color to enhance the facial features, PRIMIENCE controls hair color and brings out the hair's natural shine.

Incorporating Skincare Technology Into Hair Color SHISEIDO applied its cutting-edge skincare technology and its in-depth knowledge gained over the years through conducted research on Asian skin and hair to develop a unique hair color that brings out the shine and texture of hair like never before.



Professionals never say " No." No matter how great the challenge, A professional's performance exceeds every expectation.

Professionals never compromise. Because they know that the end result reflects every single touch along the way.

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Create beauty unlike any that's ever been seen before.

Fanola Free Paint

Get Color Crazy!

Summer hair doesn't have to be boring

The Fanola Free Paint features 10 semi-permanent direct colors that last up to 15 washes

Made with Babassu Oil and French Rose extract for hydration, strength and shine


Perm & Bleach

Using Cysteamine as the base, 4 kinds of reducing agents are blended. (Cream type)

Applicable for various hair such as healthy to damaged hair with the power of ingredients that have effectiveness of moisture, emolient, and repairing to attain easy to control straight hair.

Keratin protein within creates shiny and bouncy hair while keratin protein, masking ingredients of Plant Extract, and Camelia Sciensis Leaf Extract gives moisture onto your hair to create moisture flexible hair.
Applicable for repeating straightening or Digital Perm.

Japan’s best hair repair treatment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The world’s first professional hair treatment to replenish lost keratin and interlocks them using the patented technology “‘INKARAMI”

(Aggregation of hair bond) , and seals up the hair cuticle by replenishing the lost CMC.

INKARAMI objective is to restore damaged hair back to the healthy condition, allowing hair to regain strength ,shine ,silkiness and moisture!